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Photoshop Tutorial: Pretty, Pretty Butterfly

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Photoshop is very complex with many different ways to alter a photo or image as well as to create a new image that has been created 100% in your mind. There are a great many tools and resources that can assist in creating these images. To begin creating your own image, begin with opening the Photoshop application and starting a new file. For this lesson, we are going to create a specific image in order to ensure you have fully understood this photoshop tutorial.

First, create new file. Select the following size of the image: Height 800 Pixels, Weight 600 Pixels. This will create a small area to work with in which we will be creating a whole new image. Choose a white background so we will end up with a blank white layer within a small window. From this point, the possibilities are endless and we will begin to create our very own image.

On the right side, there are three tabs: Edit, Create, and Share. You will click on the Create tab to bring up a new menu that provides new tools to add effects to your image. Click on artwork to bring up a host of background images. Choose Animal Fur Pink and drag it to the blank layer in the middle of the screen. In a second or two, the image will show up providing a pink furry background.

The next step is to go back to those three tabs we discussed before and select the Edit tab. From this point you are able to edit your initial image. You will then click on Layer in the tool bar to bring down the Layer menu, select New and then Layer. Click on the Gradient tool and choose Radial gradient effects which will produce a darker center with a lighter surrounding. Next, go to the right hand side bar again and further below than the three tabs you should be familiar with now will list each layer. Make sure the layer you are working on is highlighted and further up select Dissolve and change opacity to 9%. This will create the look of glittery marble somewhat. This is our background.

The next step is to start yet another new layer. This layer will be a duplicate layer, so either choose Layer via copy from the Layer menu, press Ctrl+J, or right click the layer and click duplicate. This will create an identical layer to work with. On this layer go to Edit in the tool bar – not the sidebar, the tool bar at the top—and click on Layer fill. This will allow you to fill the layer with another color. Choose dark blue as your foreground color and you will see that your image has changed slightly now holding a dark blue hue. Next use the Cookie Cutter tool and select the butterfly from the menu at the top. Draw this butterfly in the middle of the layer and you will see the image is much smoother than the surrounding areas. Not a major image, but something new to get used to Photoshop.

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