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Paulo Carrasco: Solitude for the Soul

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Would you ever imagine that the image of a lonely road and a pair of empty boots could be so evocative?  Upon first seeing this photograph, I honestly, genuinely experienced an ache.  My throat briefly felt tight, my eyes stung a little — because haven’t we all felt this way before, at some time or another?

In answer to my first question, however, Portuguese photographer Paulo Carrasco imagined that an image like this could be this evocative.  It is impossible to know everything an artist was thinking when he or she created a particular work, but it seems fair to say that Carrasco wanted to make viewers experience this picture on a deep level.  The loneliness, the inherent sadness, the feeling of the world stretching before you but not seeing you there at all.  These are the true memoirs of the invisible man, that is easy to see.

As a digital photographer, Paulo Carrasco is as versatile as they come.  When you check out his site, you are first inundated with a selection of nudes — stunning and artistic, but it would be easy to make the mistake of thinking that is all he has to offer.  Not so.  To go from beautiful, bare women to this, well … it’s something not a lot of people can do.  Not only can Carrasco do it, but he does it beautifully.

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