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Patric Costanilla: One Crazy Talented Mofo!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

patrick-costanillaOkay. This guy is absolutely, unquestionably, unarguably, positively, utterly, without a doubt awesome. And yes, all of that was necessary to fully describe his awesomeness, thank you very much.

I will stand right here and say (or sit right here and type, as the case may be) that Patrick Costanilla is without question one of the most talented, innovative photographers I have come across in a very, very long time.

As the man himself says, when you put him behind the lens of a camera, look out for the explosion, because it is definitely coming!

A girl with flower petals.  Cliche, right?  Sure, if you just consider the profusion of such pictures littering the pages of Deviant Art and even MySpace, but here, it is absolutely avant garde.  The juxtaposition of color, the chiaroscuro — it all comes together to create something so stunning is it practically a visual orgasm!

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