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The Evocative Photography of Jorge Alcaide

Thursday, July 30, 2009

jorge-alcaideJorge Alcaide has been in the business for twenty years, including spending time shooting photographs for graphic design and advertising markets in Mexico.  These days he is known best for the annual reports and product shots he does.  However, that is by no means all he does; his experience also lies in lifestyle and he has been to many different locations — and shot them, of course.

The photographer is not only well traveled but also well educated, having gone to school both in Mexico and in England.  He can speak his native Spanish, French, and English fluidly.

But that does not say enough about Alcaide’s photography, with is surreal and evocative and poignant, all at the same time.  It takes something you know — a pair of legs and feet walking across the floor, a figure on the stairs, a man walking down the hall — and turns it into something which belongs in a dreamscape.

Here, the busy business man is turned into a dreamy figure, plotting novels and poems and who knows what else, trapped for an eternal moment in time.

Jerry Avenaim Is Making The List Of Best Photographers!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jerry Avenaim When you look at Jerry Avenaim – you would probably think that this guy is not actually a photographer, however his work is some of the best that I have ever seen.  Jerry Avenaim is actually known for his fashion and celebrity images.  Even at age forty-seven, he is still alive and churning out some of the best photos that this world has ever seen in the fashion industry and that to be is beautiful.  Jerry has been in the photography game since he was a teenager and he was raised in Chicago.

Jerry Avenaim is actually very well-known and he has done a lot of different things in his work.  He has photographed models for Vogue, GQ, Newsweek and Glamour and he has done countless covers for magazines.  He has also done a lot of work with celebrities such as Phil McGraw, Angela Bassett, Brooke Shields and Halle Berry – and that is just the tip of the iceberg with Jerry Avenaim!

His work is not all commercial though, he does do quite a bit of art pieces as well and this is one of them – it is beautiful in my eyes and I just wanted you to get inside Jerry Avenaim’s mind a little bit!

Come See Terence Donovan!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Terence DonovanIf there a photographer out there that I have fallen deeply in love with, it has got to be Terence Donovan.  This photographer is not only that, but he was also a British film director.  He had a love for fashion photography most and in 1960, that is exactly what he did.  Terence Donovan was born on the East end of London and he actually took his very first photo at the tender age of fifteen and instantly fell in love with cameras and fashion photography in general.

He started out with taking pictures of the bomb-damaged industrial land around his home and then he added in some fashion models.  Terence Donovan actually started the trend of positioning the models in stark and gritty urban environments and calling it fashionable.  Flats and gasometers were among some of the most popular destinations for this photographer’s vision.

Before he died in 1996, Terence Donovan had made it big and shot for huge magazines like Harpers Bazaar and Vogue and to be honest, his memory still lives on today.

The Fabulous Photography of Frank van Haalen

Monday, July 6, 2009

thumb_2007-okt-maasvlakte-069-edit-2I love a photographer with a gift for finding beauty in what we may otherwise think has none.  The photographer who can find something soul deep in the face of the homeless man on the corner of the street is the one for me.  That being said, I was nothing less than overjoyed to come across the photography of Frank van Haalen, of Holland and the Netherlands.

This piece is titled “Industrial,” something with which most of us are familiar — the industrial age, the industrial wasteland.  The idea that industry is taking over everything and machines are everywhere.  Here, however, we see it transformed into something surreal and even beautiful.

Of himself, van Haalen says on his blog that he enjoys taking pictures in black and white, and it is not too much to say that he does it very well.  Preferring black and white photography myself, I can safely say that this is something I would happily hang on my wall.  Strange as it may see, it puts me in mind of a nuclear winter scene, and as harrowing as that is to imagine, you can clearly see that it is provocative and poignant in print.

Ugo Mulas: He’s The Photographer Of The Week!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ugo MulasIf you are a photographer of the world, than you should know the very familiar name of Ugo Mulas; the famous Italian photographer of the seventies … right?  This guy worked for a ton of different Italian magazines in the sixties and seventies and he always, always just had a knack for looking at something and finding it completely and totally beautiful.  Ugo Mulas actually started his studies in law in 1948; however, he left law classes in order to take art classes at Brera Fine Arts College.

He came out with his first art book in the seventies and I have to say that he – he honestly is one of those photographers that is all around incredible.  He has been to many, many different places like Milan all the way to New York City and he took pictures all over the place.  His work has been published in countless magazines and I think that Ugo Mulas – if he hadn’t of died, would be going places.

So look up Ugo Mulas for some more of his beautiful pieces – he has a special talent that I think a lot of people take for granted!

Jo Duck Fashion Photography Is Rockin’!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jo DuckJo Duck is a photographer that is so versatile, she truly is amazing.  Not only does she work extremely fast, but her work is very meticulous and that is exactly why it is so good.  Jo Duck, to me, brings a fresh face to the fashion-photography world and she shoots some of her models in pairs.  Her talents really lie in capturing the location, the fashionable clothing not to mention the overall personality of herself as well as the models.  She can honestly tell you a whole story in her pictures without ever having to say a single word.

The other cool thing about Jo Duck is the fact that she works with models that are not super high on the model-chain yet.  She actually works mostly with up-and-comers, so if you are looking for a way to get yourself in the modeling industry, Jo Duck could be the chick that helps you with that.

Jo Duck’s work has appeared pretty much everywhere, from countless billboards all the way to tons of different publications – so keep your eyes peeled!

Edgar de Evia Is Definitely The Best!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Edgar de EviaI have to tell you guys that Edgar de Evia is by far one of the best photographers in the world.  This guy has not only done some advertising campaigns in his day, but he has definitely been doing pictures for magazines and newspapers for years!

Edgar de Evia’s experience is well known but that is not what I am going to honor here.  If we were a blog looking for photographers that just do all sorts of advertising campaigns and such, we would be a different blog – we are all about fashion photographers and that is exactly what this Mexico-born photographer is all about.

Take this particular picture for example.  I absolutely love the way that it looks, the umbrella, the position of the people and by far the fact that it is in black and white.  Edgar de Evia definitely has talent leaking all over the place and I think that he can absolutely pull off some high editorial things – if he was still alive that is…

Polly Chandler, The Photographer Of The Week!

Monday, June 8, 2009


It has to be said that Polly Chandler is one of those people that is absolutely incredible in her craft.  Polly is an American photographer and she definitely has something that is extremely different, stylish and all around fashion-forward without her knowing about it.  Polly actually started her career in Graphic Design but instead of pursuing that, she went with her passion, photography.

Currently, Polly is living in Austin Texas and she has appeared in everything from B & W Magazine, Shots Magazine and Photolife and that is just the beginning!  She is definitely something special and through her selective backgrounds and life experiences, Polly really does have something that is special and unique in the way of telling a story with her photos.

So if you want someone that makes her photos look incredible and really has an eye for everything in the world – you should look at Polly Chandler’s collections!

Raya: This Fashion Photographer Rocks!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


One thing that I have noticed about photographers nowadays is that a lot of them have actually lost a lot of their passion.  That is definitely not the case with Raya.  This incredible photographer is actually a local one and while she is not all that popular as of right now, if she can belt out pictures like this one – I have to say that she is going to the top.  Not only is this photographer one that likes to work with people, but she also likes to incorporate animals as much as possible into all of her photography.

In 2005, this particular photographer won a prize at the Cannes and I have to say that I can not blame them for giving her something!  There is something here and I absolutely love everything about this particular picture.  This picture has captured everything inside of it and to be honest, I have fallen completely and totally in love with it.

So take another look at this photo – seriously, take another look at it and tell me that you do not think that this particular photo is going places.

Guy Bourdin’s Collection Is Breathtaking!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I have to admit that at first I was a little taken back by Guy Bourdin’s photography.  While I did not want to be because I know that it is all fashion photography, I could not help but really be taken back by it, but after exploring a little bit more, I realized that he is a shocker photographer.  He is in it for the shock and some of his ads honestly come out incredible!

While in almost every single one of his pictures, a woman is naked, they are usually doing something different and unique.  For example, he has a picture that has a woman face down, naked with a stream of blood coming out of her mouth.  While that might be a little morbid, it is also extremely beautiful.

So if you want shocking and art, you should definitely take a look at Guy Bourdin, he’s totally fashion and totally art – incredible all over the place!