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Tips for Buying the Perfect Camera

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

digital-cameraIf you have a special shutterbug in your life, then a camera can make a great present for the upcoming holiday season. However, you have to be careful, to make sure you get what they really want.

What do they tend to take pictures of, how do they tend to use their camera? Some people are all about photos, some people prefer videos; how important are zoom ranges, are interchangeable lenses important?

If the recipient likes a lot of options, keep that in mind, but if he or she prefers a simpler camera, then try not to get something with all the bells and whistlers.

A camera is a very personal gift. You can’t go out and buy a bright purple camera just because the photographer in your life likes purple — and don’t get the latest camera Ashton’s hawking just because your shutterbug thinks he’s cute.

Janis Litavnieks: The Best Photographer!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Janis LitavnieksLet’s have a little talk about Janis Litavnieks – this is a photographer that is absolutely one of the best out there.  I have to say that Janis Litavnieks is one of the most diverse photographers out there right now and this picture is just one example of thwat she can do.  Janis Litavnieks is a photographer that can shoot anything from portraits to fashion to landscapes as well as inside and outside of water.

She also loves to shoot movable and unmovable things as well as things in the air.  Personally I absolutely love Janis Litavnieks and I think that this photographer is going places.  Janis Litavnieks also has photos with istockphoto as well as GettyImages – which you know are the best.

I give credit for this photo to and I have to say that they did a fantastic job with this one!

Number One with a Bullet

Sunday, November 1, 2009

sandroI have just fallen in love, without question. I came across this photograph in looking up digital photographers and photography, and had to find out its origins.

I found it at the web site, for the photographer Sandro. There are a lot of really stunning pieces there, so I encourage you all to hop over and take a look around there.

This particular picture is just so provocative to me. It is daring and challenging, fatalistic but not hopeless. It is like you are about to be invited to a game of three bullet Russian Roulette that you are absolutely sure you are going to win.

And I believe it, when I look at this photo. I believe that I will win … and that I will then want to play again and again.

Patric Costanilla: One Crazy Talented Mofo!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

patrick-costanillaOkay. This guy is absolutely, unquestionably, unarguably, positively, utterly, without a doubt awesome. And yes, all of that was necessary to fully describe his awesomeness, thank you very much.

I will stand right here and say (or sit right here and type, as the case may be) that Patrick Costanilla is without question one of the most talented, innovative photographers I have come across in a very, very long time.

As the man himself says, when you put him behind the lens of a camera, look out for the explosion, because it is definitely coming!

A girl with flower petals.  Cliche, right?  Sure, if you just consider the profusion of such pictures littering the pages of Deviant Art and even MySpace, but here, it is absolutely avant garde.  The juxtaposition of color, the chiaroscuro — it all comes together to create something so stunning is it practically a visual orgasm!

Introducing Sharon McAulay Photography

Monday, October 12, 2009

mcaulayI very recently — and by “recently,” what I actually mean is “today” — discovered the photography of Sharon McAulay, who is based out of Spain, and I have fallen in love.

As you can see on her personal web site, this digital photographer has a lot of talent and it is all completely versatile.  From portraits to landscapes to the random and unexpected, she has a fine touch with all the subjects of her pictures, bringing beauty out of things in which you may not expect to see it, and heightening the beauty which already exists within beautiful things.

Both of those are rare and truly special gifts in anyone, especially a photographer who has the power to bring their visions to other people.  Sharon McAulay possesses both, which is an even more precious rarity, and definitely one worth noting.

Peter Duffy: Cookies Anyone?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

thumb_11So, folks, let’s have a chat about a brand – brand new photographer that has been doing it for a while but that I just discovered.  Peter Duffy is the name and to be quite frank, he is awesome!  While this might just look like a cookie falling into milk, it is really hard to capture that on film and I think that Peter does a really good job.

This is a guy that actually became a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for the State of Connecticut and honestly – he switched careers.  He started doing photography while he was a funeral director; however photography seemed to his passion.

Duffy has done so many different things and has traveled all over the world and he actually is a master of commercial photography and ad design, which is what I personally love.  You should see him!

Tom Geisbuesch: Food, Fun & Flirty!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

thumb_fleischWhen you think about it – finding the perfect photographer to take a picture of food is difficult.  You need to make sure that the photographer itself knows what they are doing, how they can arrange the food, how the food looks best and what angles to shoot from.  That is by far the most difficult part, however I think that Tom Geisbuesch is very talented in this.

One thing that Tom Geisbuesch has under his belt is the fact that he not only shoots food, but he is actually an advertising specialist and he knows what angles looks good in everything.  Take this picture for example – this picture is absolutely breathtaking and it looks incredible when you look at it.

He couldn’t have done that if he didn’t have the talent that he has right now.  That is why Tom Geisbuesch is one of my favorite – favorite photographers of all time!

Tips on Becoming a Photographer

Friday, September 11, 2009

photographyPhotography is a great way to express yourself, whether you do it is as a hobby or if you find a job that relies on your ability to take pictures. There are a number of ways you can begin your journey to become a photographer.

For one thing, you need to decide what kinds of pictures you want to take; what type of photography appeals to you? Do you want to record history, report the news through pictures, advertise, or does fine art appeal to you more?

For photojournalists or some kind of photographic specialist, however, a four year degree may be necessary.

You also need to start putting together a portfolio. It can come in handy at any time, even if you are simply working as an assistant to a photographer.

Marc Adamus: The Landscape Capturer!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Marc AdamusFinding the perfect photographer to take photographs of landscape and making it interesting is something that many people can not do.  Marc Adamus is not many people – this is a photographer that is based out of Corvallis, Oregon and his vision is something that is not only beautiful but he truly has something that is absolutely different from the norm and his talent is completely and totally raw. 

Marc Adamus has a very, very keen eye for the many moods of nature and he is actually living right now his life-long passion for the wilderness and capturing it via his camera lens.  The passion is something that not only shines through everything that Marc Adamus photographs, but you can plainly see it through the many, many pictures that this beautiful photographer has taken.

Marc Adamus’s style is absolutely unmistakable and his talent – his eye is very rare and something that should not ever be taken for granted!

Patrick Demarchelier — The Fashion Photographer!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Patrick Demarchelier

When you think about it – there are so many things that people do not know about – photography, specifically fashion photography is one of them. For example, do you know who Patrick Demarchelier is?  Most people do not, however he is one of the most famous fashion photographers of our time and he produces some of the most beautiful pictures in the world.  Patrick Demarchelier was born in 1943 in Paris – that alone has to tell you something.

Patrick Demarchelier has lived in NY since 1975 and has been photographing since 1975 – he actually got into it via freelancing and learning and working with all sorts of photographers, one specifically inspired him though and that was Henri Cartier-Bresson.  In 1992, he actually shot for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and from that time on, he has been doing advertising campaigns for all sorts of fashion labels.

Patrick Demarchelier is one high-in-demand photographer and he has earned it!  He has written many photography books and is certainly a fantastic guy behind the camera!