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Pablo Bartholomew: He Deserves More!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pablo Bartholomew

All right – I have to say that I did not think that I would be doing someone with the last name of Bartholomew, but upon more thought about this blog, I realized that Pablo Bartholomew definitely deserves the spotlight and at least once blog post – after this incredible photo, I really think that he deserves more than just one blog post but we only have time for just one!

This photo spoke to me.  Now, personally, I am more of a morbid person and I have more of a morbid personality, so whenever I see anything like this, it really makes me pay attention and kind of really touches my soul.  That is what this haunting yet incredible photo did to me.  It made me sit up straight and really look at it.

In short, this photo is basically a baby burial and while a lot of people find that incredibly disturbing, I actually find it incredibly interesting.  There are some things that are just strange and some things that are weird and this is one of those things that is just different and strange – all rolled up in one photo!

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