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Marc Adamus: The Landscape Capturer!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Marc AdamusFinding the perfect photographer to take photographs of landscape and making it interesting is something that many people can not do.  Marc Adamus is not many people – this is a photographer that is based out of Corvallis, Oregon and his vision is something that is not only beautiful but he truly has something that is absolutely different from the norm and his talent is completely and totally raw. 

Marc Adamus has a very, very keen eye for the many moods of nature and he is actually living right now his life-long passion for the wilderness and capturing it via his camera lens.  The passion is something that not only shines through everything that Marc Adamus photographs, but you can plainly see it through the many, many pictures that this beautiful photographer has taken.

Marc Adamus’s style is absolutely unmistakable and his talent – his eye is very rare and something that should not ever be taken for granted!

One Response to “Marc Adamus: The Landscape Capturer!”

  1. Sakura Hasegawa Says:

    Wow.. This is beautiful. You should compile your photos in a free gallery website or one of those photo website builders. :) Your work is great!

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