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Introducing Sharon McAulay Photography

Monday, October 12, 2009

mcaulayI very recently — and by “recently,” what I actually mean is “today” — discovered the photography of Sharon McAulay, who is based out of Spain, and I have fallen in love.

As you can see on her personal web site, this digital photographer has a lot of talent and it is all completely versatile.  From portraits to landscapes to the random and unexpected, she has a fine touch with all the subjects of her pictures, bringing beauty out of things in which you may not expect to see it, and heightening the beauty which already exists within beautiful things.

Both of those are rare and truly special gifts in anyone, especially a photographer who has the power to bring their visions to other people.  Sharon McAulay possesses both, which is an even more precious rarity, and definitely one worth noting.

2 Responses to “Introducing Sharon McAulay Photography”

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  2. Sharon McAulay Says:

    Just wanted to thank you, Heather, for your very kind words! I was quite surprised (and I must admit very pleased!) to find this when I was doing a google search, so thank you very much! with kind regards, Sharon

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