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History of Digital Photography

Digital photography has truly been a professional photographer’s dream come true…it has made taking photographs so easy and enjoyable and one can load these photos onto the computer and edit it to one’s desire. How did this come about? What is the history of digital photography?Original Sony mavica Digital

We can say that the history of digital photography began with the analog based film –less camera designed by Texas Instruments Inc. in the year 1972. In the year 1976, Steven Sasson of Kodak clicked the first digital photograph which took 46 seconds to record onto a cassette and then read off a playback unit to a television. The first digital camera was the Sony Mavica (Magnetic Video Camera) which was launched in the early 1980’s and the images were recorded in a 2” floppy disc. Apple Quick Take 100The Mavica used a charge coupled device, which was invented in 1969 by George Smith and Willard Boyle and the CCD played a major role in the development of the digital camera. In 1994, Kodak and Apple launched the Quick Take 100 digital camera with a 640 X 480 pixel CCD. The camera could produce eight images that were stored in internal memory and also featured a built in flash.

Since the size of the processor in initial digital cameras was large the camera appeared like a set of binoculars but as modern digital cameras begin to be launched they looked handier than conventional cameras. The history of digital photography has seen a huge change in just a span of 30 years and as new features are being introduced regularly I wonder what our camera would be able to do 30 years later.