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Garry Winogrand: His Photography Rocks!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Garry Winogrand

One of the greatest things about photographers is the fact that they speak to you.  Garry Winogrand is one of those photographers that speak to me.  Not only is he simply incredible in his photos, but did you know that he actually studied painting?  That was what his major was in the City College of New York and then he shifted on over to Columbia University to study photography.

One thing that I love about Garry is the fact that his photos are so different, so strange and yet there is something strangely familiar about them.  I love the fact that they tell a story.  Like this picture – the thoughts going through my mind is about the child.  What the child is thinking, what he is feeling … it was all brought about from the way that the photo was taken.

So the next time you are looking for some photographs to decorate your walls with or simply to look at, you should look at Garry Winogrand’s collection, it is incredible!

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