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Digital photography Course

You are not a photographer by profession but you love photography and have taken several beautiful photographs. You desire to learn the art but are not in a position to attend an institution or college…but do not worry you can enroll for a digital photography course from the comfort of your home, complete it and also receive a certificate for the same. A digital photography course will teach you everything you need to know for taking high quality, sharp, creative photographs.

Firstly you will learn the basic terms in the world of photography. It is very essential to have a grip of the basics so that you know what you are doing. We may seem to know the terms but may not be aware of the technicalities. Next the digital photography course will teach you all details about the digital camera. You will learn what lenses to use, types of zoom lenses available, view finders and view screens, LCD’s, sensor sensitivity and may other things. You will also learn about scanning your photographs, storing them on your computer, file formats, how to compress image files etc. You will learn how to fine tune your images and make them into a presentable form. The digital photography course will also include projects to be done which will help you perfect the art of photography.

You will learn all you need to know about digitally modifying your image, changing background, sharpening, giving a sharp color contrast, changing colors, resizing the image etc. You will be thorough with polishing your scanned photo to your desired expectation.