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Dennis Pedersen Is The Top Dog Still-Life Photographer!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dennis Pedersen To me – some of the best photography in the world is all about how you capture it right in that moment … still life if you will.  That is exactly what v is all about.  This guy is a master at his craft in the still life department and he is a technical pro at what he does.  Still life and creative product photography has been Dennis Pedersen’s passion for over 20 years and I think that he is definitely worth it!

Take a look at this particular photo … no one but Dennis Pedersen could ever capture something that is so simple and create something so beautiful out of it.  Makeup is something that is so hard to make look awesome and I think that Dennis Pedersen did an awesome job right here.  This guy is also a water specialist, so you know that is he can take photos of products under water, he has got to be the best right?

Dennis Pedersen states that he absolutely loves working with water because it bends the light a certain way and because of the movement of the objects … water is hard to work with, yet Dennis Pedersen is up to the challenge!

One Response to “Dennis Pedersen Is The Top Dog Still-Life Photographer!”

  1. Dennis Pedersen Says:

    Thanks Heather!
    You’re too nice!


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