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Come See Terence Donovan!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Terence DonovanIf there a photographer out there that I have fallen deeply in love with, it has got to be Terence Donovan.  This photographer is not only that, but he was also a British film director.  He had a love for fashion photography most and in 1960, that is exactly what he did.  Terence Donovan was born on the East end of London and he actually took his very first photo at the tender age of fifteen and instantly fell in love with cameras and fashion photography in general.

He started out with taking pictures of the bomb-damaged industrial land around his home and then he added in some fashion models.  Terence Donovan actually started the trend of positioning the models in stark and gritty urban environments and calling it fashionable.  Flats and gasometers were among some of the most popular destinations for this photographer’s vision.

Before he died in 1996, Terence Donovan had made it big and shot for huge magazines like Harpers Bazaar and Vogue and to be honest, his memory still lives on today.

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